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One man's trash is another man's treasure

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

[Article posted on newspaper Eastern Suburbs Life, Ed. 50, February 2023]

Have you ever passed by a pile of goods at the curb and wondered how possible it is for people to throw such good condition items away? It is from this shameful feeling that sparked the idea of 2ND LIFE, a small rubbish removal service with a big dream of changing the way we handle waste, promoting a more sustainable community.

Based in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, 2ND LIFE makes the very traditional process of rubbish and goods disposal more efficient, conscious and sustainable. The company operates with two business structures that together serve the entire Sydney area with rubbish removal and goods distribution, rehoming great condition items.

In only two years of operation, 2ND LIFE has already saved over 700 items, avoiding dozens of tons of waste that would end up in landfill. In a period of climate emergency, they create a positive impact in the community by offering people affordable and free options of second hand goods, appliances and furniture.

By reducing unnecessary landfill, they extend goods' lifetime and help reduce our carbon footprint, being the only really sustainable option for junk removal in the area. In an interview with our team, the founders Denis and João, said that they realised that useful and valuable items were being thrown into the landfill by traditional rubbish removal companies, and these goods could easily be reused. João says: "We started by saving some furniture and storing them in our garages. We would clean and sell them to help pay for our studies. With time, we bought vans to help with the move and rented store spaces to save the items. We were in love with what we were doing, and could see a business opportunity that had not yet been explored.”

For the future, 2ND Life aims to launch its own second-hand marketplace that will offer a better experience for customers that are looking for sustainable, affordable and free options to furnish their places or to buy goods. “The old dining table sitting in a house in Vaucluse, will look beautiful in someone else’s apartment in Paddington, and 2ND Life is here to make it happen. We believe with community support we can help Eastern Suburbs become more sustainable.” says Denis, the co-founder.

By the end of the year, 2ND Life wants to become a carbon negative company and establish partnerships with reforestation projects.

When it comes to the service of Rubbish Removal, 2ND LIFE offers a big range of waste collection services in Sydney area. They serve customers with residential and commercial needs, removing from household items to general, garden and construction waste. Either in reusable condition items or only junk, you can count with them to clean your space up.

Get to know more about them by watching the video and checking their website through the QR Code below.

It is time to turn up.

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